Pain Relief: The Best Natural Home Remedies

Pain can be caused by inflammation, injury or illness. The cause of pain should be understood to be able to effectively treat pain. Alleviating pain might not necessarily cure the underlying illness but when your pain subsides you will feel stronger to tackle your illness. But remember that choosing painkillers is not your only option when it comes to pain relief. Here are a few things you can do instead of popping a painkiller-

Hot or cold compress

Using a hot compress or cold compress based on the cause of the pain is one of the quickest and the most effective ways to alleviate pain.


When you approach a physiotherapist you would be taught simple stretches and exercises that can naturally relieve you from your pain. There are no medicines used in this case. You might be recommended massage oils if required. But this method helps heal the sore muscles and bones from the inside and therefore the results are long-lasting.


Giving your body the right dose of the essential vitamins can go a long way in tackling pain. There are many vitamins like vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and vitamin E which are known to indirectly help in reducing the pain. This is achieved by ensuring a healthy blood circulation, retention of healthy levels of red blood cells, strengthening of the bones and other functions.

Using natural herbs

There are plenty of herbs, roots, and ingredients from plants that are known to be effective for pain management. Hemp oil has recently made headlines for being one of the most trusted ways to eliminate pain. Visit this page for more information about the use of hemp oil for pain relief. Besides hemp oil, white willow bark, burdock root, devil’s claw, thunder god vine are other plants that are known to contain pain relieving properties.

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