Month: March 2019

How to Keep the Air in Your Home Fresh: 5 Easy Steps

A pollution free environment is what we all thrive for! Fresh and free from dust air is more important than anything else.  Most of the breathing problems among the individual and in children are due to polluted air.  Frequent exposure to polluted air may harm the respiratory organ, the lungs, and causes health issues like asthma, poor oxygen intake and so on.

Due to the increase in air pollution, it necessitates the individual to think about the ways to keep the air fresh.  Here are the few tips to ensure clean air inside your house;

1.    Enhance the ventilation option inside the house which helps to circulate the air inside the room.  Instead of opening the windows, one can make use of the vents or air purifier to remove the dust particles present inside the room.  While cooking, make use of exhaust fan or chimney to remove the heat and smoke inside the kitchen. An air conditioner makes the room fresh and crisp. A wall-mounted Ac is difficult to maintain than choosing a windowac easy.

2.    Clean the house regularly in order to make it dust free.  Presence of dust particles may cause health issues among the individuals.  Wipe the dirt with a wet cloth instead of rubbing with feathers since it may allow the dust to settle somewhere inside the house.

3.    Keep the house scented with natural freshener like clove, cinnamon, lemon syrup in boiling water for some time.  Instead of using a chemical air freshener, one can use a natural way to enhance the freshness inside the house.  The natural freshener like essential oils also helps to kill the micro-organisms present in the air.

4.    In most cases, piling up the waste materials inside the house may also affect the freshness inside the home.  Throw out the unwanted materials especially papers, waste clothes, broken toys, etc.

5.    Keep indoor plants which will help to boost the oxygen content inside the house.  Research proves that keeping the houseplants inside the home may contribute to purify as well as help to rejuvenate the air.…

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